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The Koolen De Vries France association was recognized as being of general interest by the Departmental Directorate of Public Finances of the Somme on July 29, 2019.  As such, it can issue tax receipts and allow you to benefit from a tax reduction equal to 66% of the amount of your donation, within the limit of 20% of your taxable income if you are an individual and 60% up to to 2 million if you are a corporate sponsor.

Valentin APAC association

Valentin Association of Carriers of Chromosomal Anomalies

Association which groups together and helps people confronted, directly or indirectly, with the various problems posed by anomalies in the structure or number of chromosomes (example: translocation, inversion, deletion, partial or complete trisomies, partial monosomies or complete, and others)

Contact information :

52, La Butte Eglantine

We warmly thank:

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