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Born French, your Kool Kid must do their citizen census from their 16th birthday until the end of the 3rd month following.

Example: if your 16th birthday is January 12, 2021, you must do your citizen census between January 12, 2021 and April 30, 2021.

If you have forgotten, know that it is possible to take a citizen census up to the age of 25 by following the same procedure.


The citizen census is mandatory,  allows you to be summoned to the JDC and to be automatically registered on the electoral lists at 18 years of age.

Moreover, proof of census is compulsory up to the age of 25 to register: 

  • exams (BEP, Baccalaureate, driving licence, etc.)

  • administrative competitions organized by the French administration:

  • before the age of 18, you must present a census certificate 

  • from 18 years old, you must present a JDC certificate

The process is done at the town hall of the municipality of residence (or that where the organization with which you have elected residence is located) by the young person or, if a minor, one of the parents, even in the absence of the young.

You must present:

  • national identity card or valid passport

  • up-to-date family book

  • proof of address

Following these steps, you will obtain a census certificate from the Town Hall.

Please note : no duplicate of a document or an act of your census certificate will be provided to you in the event of loss.

NB: it is possible to carry out the census online with identifiers to a account and the digitized version in PDF format of the documents to be provided (follow this link: )

The JDC is an information day on French institutions, the rights and duties of citizens. It follows the citizen census of young French people. It is compulsory to participate before turning 18 (or before 25 in some cases) except in the case of a recognized disability. 



This is when you can present the "disability" inclusion mobility card or the disability card or a medical certificate certifying your Kool Kid's disability, in order to request authorization not to participate in the JDC and obtain a individual certificate of exemption from the JDC.

Link to INSTRUCTION No. 12300/ARM/SGA/DSNJ/SDPSN/BR relating to medical exemption from participation in the Defense and Citizenship Day: 

You can also do it later by writing to your National Service and Youth Center

Despite the disability, do you want your child to participate in the JDC? It's possible.

Do you prefer it to be in a protected environment? Your National Service and Youth Center may organize JDCs in connection with IMEs ( -jdc-un-droit-pour-les-personnes-en-situation-de-handicap-pas-toujours-accessible/ )or in E-learning ( measures-handicap-castex-13399.php ). You will find the contact details of your center in the following list:

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