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Testimonials from Parents,
     The book

Parents of a Kool Kid?

This book can allow you to feel less alone, to find answers to certain questions, to see what are the paths of other families. Something to give you energy, hope.


Close to a family with a Kool Kid? 

This book can help you better understand what the family you care about day to day and perhaps also help you start a discussion about disability in general and Koolen de Vries syndrome in particular.


In partnership with Valentin APAC, families have volunteered their testimony about their daily life over the years in order to share their experiences:

- difficulties in raising a disabled child of course,

- chain medical appointments,

- administrative setbacks,

- the race after time,

but also :

- the happiness of progress over time,

- the joys of life,

- the tenderness, good humor, humor of their children.

Koolen-de Vries Syndrome ...

... They witness

  • 12 Kool Kids families

  • 13 testimonials

  • 279 pages

  • 14.50 Euros for members

  • 19.50 Euros for non-members

I am a member of the Koolen de Vries France association, I can order here: 

I am not a member of the Koolen de Vries association, I order by email from Valentin APAC: (indicate title of the book and number of copies).

I prefer to join the Koolen de Vries France association and get my free copy  , I follow this link:

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